Our School provides learning in line with the national curriculum.


We offer the following subjects

English, Maths, Science, Arabic, Urdu and Business Studies.

Every learner

Receives an initial assessment and review of their preferred learning styles.

We provide a 'snapshot' of each learners current position and what will be included in their learning plan..

Home School

Support and guidance

For children out of, or not yet, in education

Custom Support

Including full resources and guidance.

Whether the learner is temporarily out of education or in need of a place to study, we can provide that support and teaching to ensure no learner misses out. We have a proven track record of success.

Tuition & Examination

We provide tuition

and access to examination in GCSEs as well as alternative qualifications.

Small classes

Focusing on developing areas of improvement as well as confidence and academic skills.

A simple, easy to follow plan to see areas of improvement and better each learners strengths, supported through experience and understanding with flexibility.

What we do

  • Every learner achieves with us
  • We provided customised learning
  • Teaching in line with the national curriculum with the opportunity to sit GCSEs with us
  • An initial assessment and learning plan including learning style and recommendations
  • Advice and guidance and career guidance, getting familiar with NCS (National Careers Service) and application to College/FE/next provision
  • A range of new skills with formal recognition (awarding body certification) including confidence building, mental well-being, staying safe online, academic skills
  • Regular and easy to understand assessment of progress
Enter chosen qualification100%
Participate in additional awards100%
Agreed their progress, learning and enjoyment is good100%
achievement of outcomes
move on to further learning

Our School

We are a registered School and welcome your enquiry.

Your learning journey

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  • 43-51 Whitmore Road,
    Birmingham, B10 0NR
  • 0121 213 1171
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